Finally, a website that lets you drunkenly scream-cry at random Congress members with no more than the click of a button! is the fastest, most efficient way to spill your guts in a drunken stupor to a random Congress member. Don't keep it inside…take it out on Congress.

All you have to do is type your phone number into a box, press 'send', and sit back in relax; your call will be placed to a random Congress member in no time.

Need some help figuring out what lament to drunkenly bellow at the lucky Congress-person that receives your call? No problemo, has a few talking point suggestions such as, "If you can yell at a park ranger after forcing the government to shut down, then I get to yell at you," or "I can't watch the panda." even has a few aptly-named drink suggestions so you can really get in the mood for your upcoming bitch-fest. Our personal fave?