But it's all so yummy … 

It's the Jetsons' dream: Instead of cooking and eating food, we just eat a handful of scientifically crafted pills and all our dietary needs are met for the day. Who needs to waste life cooking potatoes when modern science can just process superfoods for us? 

That reality isn't here yet, but in the meantime, just know that what you're eating now is slowly killing you. Yay!

In a study published in the journal BMJ Open, scientists led by Carlos Monteiro at University of Sao Paolo found that nearly 60 percent of an American’s daily calories come from “ultraprocessed” food, which Monteiro and his colleagues defined as food that contains ingredients such as flavors, colors, sweeteners and hydrogenated oils, emulsifiers and other additives that you wouldn’t cook with at home. The study also pinpoints, for the first time, this type of processed food as the main source of added sugar in the U.S. diet.

Meanwhile, the report shows, Americans get less than 1% of their daily calories from vegetables. That's science right there!

The study includes information on what 9,317 people participating in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey said they ate in the past 24 hours. People who said they ate the most processed foods, which the surveys defined as soft drinks, salty snacks, cakes, pizza and frozen meals, also showed the highest intake of added sugars based on the sugar content of these foods. Nearly 90 percent of the average source of added sugars, in fact, came from processed foods. Overall, processed foods contained eight times more sugar than less processed foods such as breads, cheese and canned foods, and five times more sugar than unprocessed or minimally processed choices such as meats, fresh fruits or vegetables, grains and milk.

Hmm … what did we eat in the last 24 hours? Pizza, cheese, and a whole mess of booze … We'd get more upset with these findings if we weren't the problem too.