If the frequent trips to the bathroom weren't a good enough indication that you're drunk, a new urinal will help clear things up by analyzing your pee each time you go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, the urinals might be able to tell if you're drunk but they won't be able to stop you from going home with the DUFF (Designated ugly fat friend).

The new urinals have been developed as part of a partnership with DDB Group Singapore. The system is called the Pee Analyzer, and it uses fail safes to ensure drivers can’t pee and then drive drunk.

When a customer hands off their keys to a valet, they receive an RFID parking pass. When the customer pees, their alcohol levels are read and the proximity of their RFID reader updates their parking pass.

A sign at eye level tells the user if they are over the legal limit for driving.

When a customer leaves the bar, they hand their RFID parking card over to the valet. The valet then scans the card, and, if an alert is revealed, they offer to keep the drivers keys and get them a ride home.

The company hopes that bars will offer to call a cab for their customer or offer a drive-home service. Should clubs decide on a drive-home service, they could add new and responsible revenue to their service.

Before going live, the Pee Analyzer tested 573 drivers over a two week period. The system found that 342 users chose to take a cab or use a clubs drive-home service.

Sure, some users will demand their car keys, but,with more than 60 percent of users choosing a cab or drive-home service, the system looks to be a success.

This isn’t the first time we have reported on blood-alcohol testing urinals. In Michigan, chatty urinal cakes alert bar patrons when they are over the legal limit.