Cats are monsters, every single one of them …

We're totally for anything that dissuades people from owning a cat. They're completely pointless pets, because instead of loving you or protecting you from bears and intruders like a dog, they just stink and actively hate you … despite the fact that you keep them alive. 

And that's what this new VR game is all about — Catlateral Damage gives you a chance to be a cat, and that's the first step to hating them.

You get to play as a cat, ruining everything in your owner's home, regardless of the fact that they "love" you. Their words and actions mean nothing, because you're a self-absorbed butthole who only wants chaos and destruction. 

After playing this, people will realize cats are soulless, destructive hell demons that take all your money, ruin your things and give you nothing in return. 

The only logical thing a cat should do is walk off into the woods and never come back, right? They should, but they're just terrible.