Because the only match better than you and your future ex is the one between weed and your face.

Do you think Julia Roberts would have run away from Richard Gere in "Runaway Bride" if she were baked out of her mind? Of course not. She'd be too stoned to move, face down in a pepperoni pizza, feeling way too chill to sprint away from any wedding ceremonies or silver-haired future husbands. They would have just gotten married right there on the spot, as planned, and we wouldn't have had to watch any Julia Roberts movies in the first place Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Well, we may not have to fantasize about that so much anymore, as happily stoned brides, grooms and entire wedding parties are now becoming reality thanks to Colorado's recent weed wedding trend.

As attitudes and laws surrounding weed shift evolve, more and more couples in this state are opting to have pot-themed weddings. Forgoing traditional champagne toasts for epic smoke circles and vape hits, these couples-of-the-future are decking the ceremonies in weed every way they can. Weed cakes, weed dresses, blunt party favors, you name it. If Snoop Dogg smokes it, it's at their wedding, and you can bet that the bride and groom will be way too high to register the kind of wedding nerves that bitch Julia did.

"It’s the new wine," said wedding planner Jane West about the recent rise in requests for pot-themed weddings. Jane runs a Denver-based event company that specializes in private BYOC (bring your own cannabis) events.  "We’re going to start thinking of cannabis like alcohol, and we’re moving towards regulating cannabis like alcohol and normalizing its consumption," she said, no doubt thinking of all the floral arrangements she could replace with buckets of bud.

But weddings aren't the only place weed is making its sweet way into. Bachelor and bachelorette parties, although unofficially weed-themed since always, are now getting marijuana makeovers of their own. "It’s a chance to demonstrate how classy it can be and hopefully calm some nerves and help people get to know each other before the wedding," said Jennifer Gargatto, who decided she wanted to have a non-traditional, baked-ass bachelorette party after attending one of those Las Vegas parties everyone and their mother does. Instead of penis hats or whatever it is you people are doing at bachelorette parties, Jennifer will be so high that she'll forget what a penis is, and she's right on trend.

There are now even weed wedding services that help stoner-y couples plan all these important details out.

For example, the website assists those looking for pot-friendly services and providers for their wedding, offering suggestions on lodging, venues, florists, catering, photographers, DJs, limos and pretty much every other aspect of a marriage you could involve weed in for couples in Colorado, Washington and Oregon. Loveandamarij (which is really the best pun ever) takes special care to ensure that for every cannabis-friendly wedding they handle, careful pot thought is put into every detail. No food, drinks or decor is left without some small and gentle reminder that while the couple getting married is very much in love, a much bigger story is that weed is legal, and weee!

And while weed weddings are on the rise, current legislation poses a few barriers to carrying them out smoothly. For one, smoking weed in public is illegal. And even though most weddings are private events, a lot of venues (particularly churches, god bless), don't allow smoking on their property.

hat’s where Philip Wolf and Elizabeth “Ebs” Waldmann come in.

Wolf is the founder of Cultivating Spirits, a Summit County company that jumped into luxury cannabis tours soon after legalization. A former grow consultant, he took his knowledge of the marijuana industry and combined it with his experience in event planning for TV and radio to create Cultivating Spirits, and wading into the world of cannabis weddings was just another opportunity for growth.

“At Cultivating Spirits, we offer sophisticated tours and events, and weddings kind of fit into that sophisticated event,” he said. “We have the experience in the cannabis industry to guide people through the legalities but also show them how to do it in a fun way — how to bring it up to their parents and their grandparents, how to incorporate as little or as much of cannabis as they want to into their event.”

o be legal, the wedding has to be a private event on private property, and there can’t be a charge for any of the cannabis served. As with alcohol, transportation and age verification also come into play, making sure everyone who partakes is 21 and has a way to get back to wherever they are staying without driving if they have been consuming, Wolf said.
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So, edibles and infused beverages are likely to be much more prevalent than traditional bong rips and spliff sucks during wedding season this year.

There's also the small problem of convincing Grandma that your weed wedding isn't some sort of hedonistic sin orgy, but that's your problem, not ours. Mazel tov!