What the hell, Niwot?

Remember nominating the king and queen of your high school's prom? Yeah, it's kinda dumb in retrospect, but it was a huge deal at the time. Now imagine if the winning two people were a friendly lesbian couple. If your reaction is, "good for them" — you're a normal and just human being. If you become irrationally angry, then you're a dick.

According to Fox31 Denver, certain teachers are being dicks, hatin' on two lesbians that rightfully won the prom nominations.

Niwot High School's prom is slated for this Saturday, 4/23. Typically, a prom prince and prom princess are crowned each year. According to students, the winners are decided by a write-in ballot.

This year, a lesbian couple received a majority of votes. Despite the clear landslide win, some students claim a teacher, who is in charge of the prom committee, objected to letting the girls win because a boy and girl are typically crowned.

“[The teacher] said that it was untraditional. It was untraditional for a lesbian couple to be the prom junior princess and prince,” says Zander Born, a sophomore on Niwot’s student council.

A school rep issued a stupid statement in reply. 

Damon Brown, the executive director of communications for the district said, “Part of being an open and inclusive environment means protecting and being sensitive to all students. In this case, school leadership consulted with the student, empowered them and supported their decision moving forward. Out of respect for student privacy, we cannot comment further on the specifics of this matter."

Protecting us from lesbians, huh? Thanks, school board. We feel much safer now.

Update: As per the Fox31 story, the two are being allowed to run. Seems like common sense has prevailed in this particular school after all, we're shocked.