Times, they are a changin' …

Remember iPods?

Forget that; remember burning discs to bump in your Honda with the words "Phattest Booty Jams" scrawled across the top of them?

Both were products of the evolution of technology. Quicker connections to the Internet meant greater access to songs and the ability to download at whim. Finally, Limp Bizkit's Signifigant Other could be yours without having to go to the store to buy it!

But as with anything, times, they are a changin'. According to sources working under anonymity close to Digital Music News, Apple plans on nixing the downloading of songs altogether in as little as two years. 

"The sources indicated that a range of shutdown timetables are being considered by Apple, though one executive noted that 'keeping [iTunes music downloads] running forever isn’t really on the table anymore,'" the site reports. "Also under discussion is a plan to 'ride the [iTunes music download offering] out for the next 3-4 years,' when paid music downloads are likely to be an afterthought in a streaming-dominated industry."

Mark Mulligan, a music industry analyst, noted at Canadian Music Week in Toronto recently that, "Last year downloads declined by 16 percent in nominal terms. This year they are tracking to decline by between 25 percent and 30 percent."

Actual downloads still account for hundreds of millions of dollars, though it's shrinking, and shrinking fast. The move by Apple is likely one to avoid competing with itself — if you can download it why stream it, if you can stream it, why download it?

Stock up now if you're the type that likes to "own" things, then again, everything is going to be everywhere soon — why fight it?