Pretending to be a DJ is the new pretending to DJ.

Isn’t it every normal dreamer’s greatest desire to be looked at as a high-falutin’ celebrity in a field full of onlookers? To witness true envy, instant camaraderie, a connection to the common folk … and be pummeled by about 1,500 intrusive selfies has to be exciting. Right?

Show photographer and barely-looks-like-Steve-Aoki impersonator, Jarrad Seng, went undercover at Perth, Australia’s Stereosonic music festival dressed as the cake-tossing, enigmatic EDM DJ for a day to see if he could fool the not-so-bright revelers. The results? It went off swimmingly.

Says Seng of the stunt: “This is the dumbest thing I've done in a long time…. enjoy.”