This can't be good for anyone …

The fact that Donald Trump is the inevitable Republican nominee for president scares the shit out of a lot of people. For many, it’s hard to warm up to the idea that a Rosie O'Donnell obsessed, former reality TV star may soon control the world's largest military.

Even still, Trump isn't hurting for people who like him. His latest support comes from none other than the crazy factory known as North mother-fucking Korea. 

Going into this you should know that news outlets in North Korea are directly controlled by the government. So really, "news" in North Korea is just propaganda spewed directly from the mouth of Kim Jong Un and his rag-tag group of wackadoo assistants and servants. North Korea is so obsessed with generating propaganda that there's an official department of propaganda within the government to make sure they're doing all they can to brainwash and deceive those unfortunate enough to live in the tyrannical country. 

Recently the government-controlled news outlet of North Korea, DPRK Today, came out in support of the horse-haired mare that Americans call Donald Trump. 

This endorsement comes from the country that tells its people their former kings used to ride unicorns and that long hair makes you stupid. So their perception of political qualifications may be just a little off-base. Of course, North Korea is also just a terrible country overall. You know, because they'll do things like enslave three generations of a family because their grandfather committed a crime 60-years ago.

So, an endorsement from North Korea probably isn't the best thing. Or, is it? 

Unlike Obama and the other presidential candidates, Donald Trump has said that he'll actually meet with Kim Jong Un in person and has said he would pull US troops out of South Korea. Of course North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un are stoked to the gills at this notion. Because let's be realistic, with all the shit North Korea talks about the US, they probably just want some acknowledgment and maybe a soft embrace. North Korea's "hatred" of the US is probably a lot like how you "hated" that girl in kindergarten you really had a huge crush on. Isn't that just precious? 

In their endorsement of Trump, DPRK Today said that Trump is "wise" and praised some of his extreme tendencies. They urged Americans to vote for Trump instead of "dull" Hillary. Which, we'll give them credit for, once you get past the the mountain of political scandals, Hillary Clinton is as dull as a sheet of printer paper. 

This nod from North Korea is certainly not Donald Trump's first controversial endorsement. A few months ago Trump was endorsed by former KKK leader, Donald Duke. So in the overall scope of things this North Korean endorsement probably isn't his most controversial endorsement yet!

Cool. We're all doomed.