For better or for worse… means nothing when your new companion gets arrested for hiring a prostitute during the honeymoon. A couple on their recent honeymoon to the great state of Florida experienced their first marital trouble when the wife filed a missing persons report after her new hubby never returned to the room the prior night. Local police notified her that he was indeed alive — and arrested for soliciting a prostitute. 

Mohammed Amed, 21, was picked up the night of his honeymoon after attempting to hire an undercover agent through According to police reports, he told her he was horny and would pay $100 for sexual intercourse. He later admitted that this wasn't his first encounter with a prostitute from — something we're sure his new bride will love to hear.

He was charged with offering, committing or engaging in lewdness and possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. We suspect Mohammed will be mowing the lawn for many years after the honeymoon stage of this marriage is over.