Next time you're going to a funeral or already standing next to the casket of Aunt Jackie, take a break from dealing with the somber and downer atmosphere of the funeral and snap a selfie of yourself. It only takes a second and it will immediately brighten your mood. After all, you do look pretty good in selfies. We know, Aunt Jackie won't be the most photogenic, but that will make you look all the better. Winning. 

Insensitive? No, your aunt would have wanted you to celebrate her death with a demeaning photo used as blog material. Inappropriate? No, everyone's going to die, what better time than the current time? So wipe away those tears and start posing like there's no tomorrow. Because for Aunt Jackie, well, there is no tomorrow. 

If you're having trouble deciding on which pose brings our your best side and will garner the most likes, we direct you to our list of the best funeral selfies money – newly inherited money that is – can buy. 


1. Rock on because "grandad" is rock hard


2. If our Dexter instinct is correct, we're guessing this guy had something to do with gran's death


3. EDM mixes, funerals and selfies; life is good. 

4. "Cried all of my make-up off, ew. But funeral." Good point. 

5. Killin' it. Probably the wrong word to use for a funeral selfie.

6. "I'm really sad. But look at my sweeeeeeet fro-hawk. It's good, right?"

7. Finally, a shot with a body! It's about time we get a real photographer.