It’s not easy keeping stoners entertained.  No shock to Medically Correct, the industry OGs that started up incredibles more than a decade ago.  Remember the hand drawn caricatures and those metallic bags?  Gone are the days where you had to take a pair of scissors to child-resistant packaging.  Now, these businessmen turned pot barons are trying their luck with a new, elevated brand: Nové Luxury Edibles. 

Luxury cannabis is one of the fastest growing segments within the industry.  There are several reasons why, but mainly, it’s a decrease in negative stigma and people getting over themselves.  With a place in mainstream media, cannabis companies are shifting to a lifestyle focus, taking cues from fashion, music, food and hospitality.  High-earning consumers are a newer niche, and they’re demanding a more sophisticated experience.  Now, instead of her usual glass of red, your mom wants her rose gold vape pen at the end of the work day. 

In addition, more and more dispensary shoppers want edibles that look and taste familiar, like the chocolate they buy at Whole Foods that’s totally keto and organic fair trade.  Celebrity-endorsed brands like Forbidden Flowers by Bella Thorne and Monogram from Jay-Z take a dignified approach to consumption.

But, unlike a $50 pre-roll, Nové is priced for everyday luxury.  Great news for those of us that pay rent.  Made with single-origin cacao, their filled chocolates are available in delish options like Sea Salt Caramel, Raspberry Bramble, and Cafe Cappuccino.  Packaged in recyclable and biodegradable boxes made with post-consumer materials, you may be surprised that these edibles actually look sexy on the shelf.  May matte black never fall out of style. 

New on their line-up: luxury gummies.  Made with all-natural fruit pectin, they’re even suitable for you vegan stoners.  Each of their four unique flavors are dusted in aromatic sugars for those with a refined palette (or not).  Even if you don’t identify as a #foodieofinstagram, you’ll appreciate the taste of their Sunrise Lemon Rose and Caribbean Mango Chile flavors. 

Now serving adult-use consumers, Nové Luxury Edibles are available at exclusive Colorado dispensaries, including Fresh Baked, Wolf Pac, Cookies and more.  Packages are 100mg THC, having ten pieces consistently dosed at 10mg per.  As always, please consume responsibly and don’t be that guy having an existential crisis. 

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