You can hear music, see it notes and measures, and probably often talk of feeling it. But thanks to a recently launched Kickstarter, you may soon be able to taste it too … and it's gonna taste a lot like meatballs.

You can hear music, see its notes and measures, and talk of feeling it. But thanks to a recently launched Kickstarter, you may soon be able to taste it too … and it's gonna taste a lot like meatballs.

The project, Beatballs, comes from a group of students at the Interactive Art Director program at Hyper Island in Stockholm, Sweden. They developed a custom code that converts various aspects of a song like tone, popularity, and beat, into ingredients for a meatball recipe.

"Through a combination of programming, design, and just the right amount of absurdity, we have developed a code that converts music into taste," they say on their Kickstarter. "Our taste experts behind Beatballs analyzed how various music attributes can be expressed through tastes, taking into consideration the social, cultural, and historical associations of both food and music. Every song has its own DNA — a unique blend of tempo, cadence, mood, and key, among other attributes. Translating these attributes into their representative flavors, Beatballs creates a tailored meatball recipe that tastes like the song."

Wait, so how the shit does this work?

Here's an example from their site using Pharrell's song, "Happy."

"'Happy' is played in F-minor, giving the meatball a base of chickpeas and garlic. It scores above average on energy level, tempo, chatter, and mood, according to the Beatballs song analyzer. This music profile inspires additional dashes of thai basil, lemon zest, curry, and strawberries. The result is a Beatball with a "Happy" twist."

Uh, we really hope "Happy" gets less happy, because strawberries in meatballs sounds like something Gordon Ramsay would bite your dick off for.

But wait, there's more! Beatballs' technology can go beyond simply converting the national anthem into would-be food; it can actually make that food for you too using their custom-made Beatballizer. Holy shit, are you starving yet?


Beatballs is currently raising money on their Kickstarter so they can make smaller, home-sized versions of the machine. That means when an album you love comes out, you can blow Martha Stewart out of the water by having a simultaneous listening and tasting party. 

They only want $350,000 to do that, so ask your sugar daddy nicely for some loot. We're dying to know what Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" tastes like (shit, probably.)

A few songs we'd love to taste … and what we think they taste like.

1. The Canadian national anthem

Meatball flavor: Syrup and international neutrality.

2. "Dick in a Box" by The Lonely Island

Meatball flavor: Hot, fiery rejection with a hint of chili and garlic.

3. "I Don't Give a Fuck" by Bo$$

Meatball flavor: Literally anything you have in your pantry rolled into a ball, IDGAF.

4. "Miracles" by ICP

Meatball flavor: Faygo and 7-Eleven pizza.

5. This Korean boy's version of "Touch My Body" by Mariah Carey

Meatball flavor: Vegetarian soyrizo with touches of tone-deaf baby animals.