This is the exact information you should've found about three weeks ago … 

It's pretty fucked up when you think about it. You sit in a quiet room, staring at squiggles on a flattened piece of dead tree, hallucinating about things you'll never see, written by people you'll never meet. And then a bunch of people want you to regurgitate all that nonsense onto a different piece of flattened tree, just so you can get a little rectangle with fancy words on it. 

But for some reason, that's the reality we all agreed to, and your dumb ass needs to learn how to study. No matter how high you get and try to talk your way out of it, you need to remember things and occasionally say smart stuff when the time is right. 

And you probably have no idea how to do that, huh? Apparently, no one does. As you'll learn below, most of the shit you've been doing to "study" has been completely wrong, and you're an idiot. 

But not after you watch this video!

So you're saying that spending the entire night before the test split between Facebook, YouTube and a little bit of studying wasn't the best plan for success? Well, since you probably have to go to summer school now, you can try these tricks out while all your buddies are out having fun.