The Obamas need a vacation and we're not talking a middle-class camping outing to the woods for hamburgers and hot dogs. The President, his wife and two daughters are heading back to their favorite spot, Martha's Vineyard, for a week-long getaway. According to The Martha's Vineyard Times, the Obama family is getting a taste of the 1 percent, staying in a $7.6 million mansion that happens to sit next to Ted Danson's mansion. 

Last year, the Obamas were unable to take their annual trip to Martha's Vineyard due to 2012 campaigning obligations, but now that Romney's been reduced to nothing more than a Just For Men hair model, the first family can get back to hiking, biking and the president showing off his amazing pecs Baywatch style. 


(Boats and summer homes on Menemsha Pond in Chilmark, MA, where the First Family are vacationing)

But why the $7.6 million mansion? Isn't Obama a man of the people? A crusader for the middle class? 

'It's highly protected because, of course, security was the main concern,' one Chilmark told the Boston Herald. 'There are virtually no neighbors.'

The president has vacationed in Chilmark since 2008, except for last year. The area is well-known for its beaches and socializing, golfing and biking opportunities.

In previous years on Martha's Vineyard, the Obama family has stayed on the massive and very well-appointed Blue Heron Farm, a compound that stretches for 28.5 acres.

Unfortunately for the president, that property was sold to award-winning British architect Sir Norman Foster for a massive $22 million in December 2011.

Damn you Foster! Sadly for the Foster family, Sir Norman Foster has since disappeared and has yet to be found.