Barack literally DGAF anymore …

If you've ever put in a final two week notice at a job that wreaked havoc on your mental well-being, you probably know what it's like to be Barack Obama right now. The guy is quickly coming up on the end of his 8 year run, and is doing some rather 'unpresidential-like' things to pass the time.

And what else do you do when you have access to anything you want and know the pad's lease is up in the next couple of months? That's right, you throw a party, and the president has one in store for the beginning of October. 

Dubbed South by South Lawn, the first of its kind music festival promises to host "well-known and emerging artists who are using their music to inspire audiences." Produced in part with the team that puts on South by Southwest every year in Austin, TX, the festival is (unfortunately), only open to attendees through a "nomination" process — individuals that excel in actually doing something good for the community. Which disqualifies, like, 99.9 percent of Americans.

To nominate yourself, or some badass do-gooder you know, click here. (Note: Well timed dick jokes and illegal pedophile hunting, though valuable to the nation's unwavering culture, likely doesn't count.)

As of yet, there aren't any performers announced, but the site promises it will be "well-known and emerging artists who are using their music to inspire audiences." Considering the Commander in Chief has been seen partying with Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar and a slew of others in the past, we can't imagine this will be anything close to a D-list bill.

If there's any justice in the world, Run The Jewels will perform so that Killer Mike can get a feel of the layout before he's voted into the big seat somewhere in the future.

He's cleaning out his desk and throwing ragers. Obama literally DGAF anymore.