A few weeks ago, there was a stir in the media and online about UFO’s and our government’s obscure research programs surrounding them, after high ranking ex-senator, Dr. Eric Davis made comments that our government had recently obtained “off-world vehicles, not of this Earth.”

That was a strange quote to hear newscasters repeating — a strange headline to read in papers like the New York Times. But, it didn’t come out of nowhere. In the months leading up to all that, the Senate Intelligence Committee got a classified briefing from a Pentagon taskforce dedicated to studying and researching UFO’s. A few weeks later the Senate Intelligence Committee passed a bill, requiring the Department of Defense (DOD) to publish their findings in an “unclassified form” for the world to see.

Then Davis made his “off-world vehicles, not of this Earth” comment and here we are — waiting patiently for the DOD to brief us on these apparently-alien craft…

And my imagination can’t be the only one running wild. The idea that our government might actually have evidence of a civilization that came from somewhere else is mystifying. What does such a craft look like? Was it manned? When did they get their hands on it? How? And what in the universe could it be made of?

Of all those questions, that last one, “What could it be made of?” is the only one we might actually have an answer to, as of yet. Because, while the DOD still has yet to publish their unclassified report for the public, last year the US Army signed a contract with To the Stars Academy (TTSA) to cooperatively study “novel materials” that were allegedly recovered from this “off-world craft.”

These declassified documents describe this curious contract, to conduct a "Novel & Emerging Technology Exploitation.”


And along with these documents were several pictures from TTSA, of metallic detritus they classified as “meta-materials," a form of matter which does not occur naturally. Which was naturally why the army was interested in studying these materials with TTSA in the first place. 

So without further ado, I present to you, photos of material technology that may very-well have come from another planet: 

Photo credit TTSA.  Photo credit TTSA. 

Mind bending stuff, right? 

And it get's better: Because these meta-material samples are extremely unique for a number of reasons and allude to a level of technological advancement we have yet to achieve on this planet.

Foremost among those reasons, it theur isotopic ratio. Which, indicates to chemists that they are not samples of Earthly origin. Isotopic ratios are commonly used by scientists to identify the planetary origin of different substances — certain ratios can only be produced on certain planets under certain conditions. They’re almost like a serial numbers to track where something was made. (Here is an in-depth article about isotopic ratios and what can be scientifically gleaned from them.)

Secondly, these meta-materials are machine layered on a nano-scale so thin and so precise that human beings simply don’t have the technological capabilities to produce them. These artificial materials couldn’t have come from China or Russia — we couldn’t blame the commies for this if we wanted to. The technology to create this stuff simply doesn’t exist here, according to TTSA scientists who examined the samples (let alone whatever technology was in the rest of the “craft” these pieces allegedly came from).

Beyond those properties, the materials were also found to be perfect super-conductors under certain experimental conditions, which do not occur in nature.

Investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe, who works with TTSA and was in custody of at least one of these samples, even claimed that they exhibited “anti-gravitational or levitational” properties when exposed to specific frequencies of electromagnetic energy. Here is a video of her discussing these materials and their bizarre properties, at a conference in 2004.

And yes, we’ve had and known about these meta-materials since 2004. Since the mid-90’s actually, when Art Bell, the host of Coast to Coast, acquired some of them from an anonymous source, whose grandfather reportedly took them from the Roswell crash site in 1947. Tom DeLonge (the singer for Blink 182 and then creator of TTSA) then acquired custody of those meta-materials, which was how TTSA came to possess them. Though, there are reportedly other samples still out there.

Then in 2019 the US Army and TTSA signed that contract together to study these novel-materials.

Obviously, there is a lot of hearsay and conjecture involved in all this. But the fact that these mysterious materials are being studied by both the military and the private sector (as proven by the 2019 contract above) is very interesting. Clearly, the samples are worth keeping classified. Clearly they’re technologically valuable on at least some level.  

Where or what they came from is still a complete mystery to the public. There was mention of the Roswell crash somewhere along their chain of custody, but there’s no way to prove that. Regardless, they came from something — so where’s the rest of it? These meta-materials are fragments of a much larger mystery and seem to raise more questions than they answer.

But, if you’re anything like me, simply knowing that these fragments exist, seeing pictures of what could very well be technology from another planet of intelligent beings… that’s enough to keep me on the edge of my seat.

At least, until the DOD tells us something more.