The mile marker 420 sign on Colorado's I-70 keeps getting stolen. We couldn't possibly imagine why…(cough, weed dojo decoration, cough).

Okay, 'fess up you guys. Which one of you is using the mile marker 420 sign to compliment your Bob Marley posters and tapestries in your weed dojo?

We're just asking around, because it keeps getting stolen from I-70.

You're not going to get into any trouble; we promise. We just want to know whether whoever nabbed it thought that hanging the mile marker 420 sign above their octo-bong was ironic in a "highway truck stop bar" kind of way, or if they just have dubious taste in interior design.

The marker, which can be seen above on Google street view, is being replaced with one that reads 419.999 in the hopes that high 20-year-old's will just stick to decorating their walls with Sublime memorabilia from now on.

Well, while you think about whether or not you know anyone who would positively bubble over with giggles at the notion of hanging a 420 sign right above their toilet, let us ask you another question…Have you seen the mile marker 69 sign? Naturally, it's gone missing as well and has since been replaced with a marker that reads 68.5. Damn it, Colorado. We've got to come up with a better way to decorate our sex dungeons.

Don't even worry you guys, it's no big deal. It's not like we're going to report you to this woman or anything.