Village idiots from both the Democratic and Republican parties alike have joined forces in mutual ignorance for the sake of our national pastime: blowing shit up.

If there’s one thing America loves, it’s a good, decade-long quagmire of a war. If there are two things America loves it’s that annnd being ill-informed on topics they're willing to back with tremendous zest with little or no frame of reference.

This was best illustrated at a recent presidential primary where US citizens, Republican and Democrat alike, each united in favor of nuking the country of Agrabah. The only problem is that country doesn’t exist on earth.

The reference itself is to the fictitious country, Agrabah, from Disney’s Aladdin. Of course, 'Agrabah’ sounds foreign enough, and God only knows the, er, ‘Agrabahns’ are probably radical Muslims just chompin’ at the bit to come here and take our guns or make us learn another language.

According to Public Policy Polling (PPP), a recent poll of 532 Republican primary voters found that nearly a third of them (30 percent) supported preemptively this hellish imaginary place.

It’s not just Republicans and trigger-happy Islamophobe Trumpites to blame here though. Plenty of Democrats were just as down to bomb the country as well. Nineteen percent of Democratic primary voters who were asked the same exact question responded that yes, they'd gladly rain hellfire down on Agrabah. However, Democrats showed a slight bit more restraint than their conservative exploso-phile counterparts; 36 percent opposed using invasive military action in Agrabah.

So while everyone argues back-and-forth on why the Republicans/Democrats are ruining this great fucking country, just keep in mind, that deep down, extreme ignorance is the more often than not the largest common denominator.