In the '90s it was wearing gold, spearheaded by early rap artists the likes of LL Cool J, Run DMC and later the omnipresent Master P. Then it was platinum errythang, a material found to be even more expensive per piece of jewelry than gold could ever be. And lastly ice, the great culmination of excess and success.

However, if Iran's latest "food crisis" has anything to do with it, the next few years are looking to be flossed out with onions. No? Just take a look at how the country is reacting to it via social media.

As BBC reports, the cost of a single onion used to cost between 1,000 and 1,500 tomans — or approximately 39 cents in U.S. dollar amount. Today, the cost is around four times that, a fallout of "the black market and a light reduction in production," according to the Islamic Republic News Agency.

Hardly something to be that concerned about, the onion plight is garnering more ridicule and humor than abject fear in Iran. One Instagram user, @hst_74, posted a photo of Aladdin with the genie, asking him to just make it rain onions instead of dollar-dollar-bills y'all.

"My only wish is for one kilo of onions," says Aladdin.
"I am afraid it is beyond my capabilities, sire," the genie responds.

Others have gotten in on the action too, showing just how precious one measly little bulb can be.

Yup, since you're wondering, it is a slow news day today. Thanks for asking. …




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