So you can eat your way to less waste?

America isn't known as the world's second most obese country behind Mexico for nothin'. We pull our weight in the fat race, every blubbery pound of it, and we often come on out on top.

But aside from having the fattest bodies, we also have the fattest brains … brains we use to grip the love handles of great American ingenuity.

This week, we'd like to let out a triumphant belch of freedom to celebrate that, as our esteemed country has fused our fat brains and fat bodies into one super organism capable of creating the … drumroll please …


It's a pizza, that comes in a box … made of pizza. Presumably, you also have plates and napkins and water made of pizza to go with it.

A cherished member of our nation from Brooklyn's Vinnie's Pizzeria has is responsible for the creation. A photo of it that he tweeted out last week shows a rectangular-crust pizza with a smaller, traditional New York-style pepperoni pie inside. 

"Introducing The PIZZA BOX PIZZA! A pizza box made entirely out of pizza! No waste, 100% pizza and 100% delicious," Vinnie's wrote on Twitter.

YES. BRILLIANT. A container you can eat! That's true American thinking right there.

Sean Berthiaume, one of the co-owners of the pizzeria, said he decided to make the pizza box because things were a little slow last week and he likes to experiment. Inspired by the number of pizza boxes he sees in trash cans around Brooklyn, he decided to whip something up that could be eaten instead of tossed in the dump.

And then, he uttered what is perhaps the most American statement ever stated: "What if you can make something that you can eat every part of?"


Berthiaume said Vinnie's will gladly make the monstrosity for anybody who wants one and it will be available for delivery … except since the pizza box pizza is an actual pizza, it will still need to come in a separate box, which will be foil. They'll cost $40, which is probably half your paycheck because since this is America, you're overworked yet underpaid. Enjoy!