Every month in our print edition we bring you some of the best, strangest and funniest things we overhear while creepily eavesdropping on your conversations. We listened again this past weekend during the four-day Underground Music Showcase, and this is what we heard:

– “If this band had commercials playing between their songs they could easily make a few hundred dollars.”

– “Nobody consciously tries to match outfits with their significant other, but the fact that he’s wearing her pants, it was just inevitable.”

– “I’m going to spend the rest of the week Yelping about the best places to throw up on South Broadway.”

– “Mandolins never a good song make.”

– “Who needs another great depression to break your soul? I just spent $70 on Fireball shots, which means I just drank this week’s grocery funds!”

– “She took her shoes off and put them on one of the racks in Goodwill. [James] said he saw her panhandling for ice cream a little while ago too.” …  “Doesn’t she work tonight?”


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