Master the art of doctoring your resume, and you'll be on your way to career stardom in a matter of months. Our mantra at Rooster is that it's not cheating unless you're caught. No one ever calls the personal references because of course you don't put down your boss who caught you banging on the sandwich table with a celery stick and jar of mayonnaise for a reference. And they sure as hell don't look into whether your GPA was a few basis points lower than you're honor society rankings that you've mastered in the one year it took you to graduate college – you'd have done it sooner if it weren't for charity work at the soup kitchen.

That being said, LinkedIn compiled a list of the most overused buzzwords that appeared in profiles during 2012. See if they look familiar. We like to call this, the horoscope affect. Each one of these words can be applied to you in some form or manner.

1. Creative 

2. Organizational 

3. Effective 

4. Motivated 

5. Extensive experience 

6. Track record 

7. Innovative

8. Responsible

9. Analytical 

10. Problem solving

In order to avoid reading or listening to this bullshit, our hiring process involves slamming half a bottle of Drambouie, wrestling the office rooster and preparing noon happy hour for the entire staff. Most firings occur for bad happy hour cocktails.