Seriously, fuck this place. Cheers to new beginnings!

Often referred to as the only venue in Colorado with zero chill, the Aggie Theatre has finally been bought out by people with the promise of an overhaul. Not particularly known for its excellence to customer service, the near-700 person capacity venue repeatedly balanced itself between being the “only” large venue to go to in Fort Collins and the “shittiest” venue to go to in Fort Collins — a reputation stemming from allegations of violence against bands and an intrusive protocol regarding the entry of minors. The new owners claim the move will give the company more leverage to stack better acts coming through Colorado along with an opportunity to update the sound system. It’s not known yet what genres the new owners will gravitate to, but Cervantes’ Masterpiece often brings in steady runs of hip-hop, jam/bluegrass and late-night electronic acts. Cheers to new beginnings!