If you’re like us, drinking during quarantine has become something of an hourly occurrence. We're getting bored with the usual suspects: beer, vodka, Fireball, cat piss, whiskey, dmt, and it’s time for a change. Luckily for us, Pabst Blue Ribbon has swooped in like the Disney Princes we needed and delivered a refreshing take on hard iced tea. 

The new Pabst Blue Ribbon Peach Iced Tea is a black tea and peach combination that comes packed with 100 calories and 4% alcohol so you’re maintaining the sexy physique while struggling to find that good buzz. But hell, it’s a change of pace from the seltzer craze of yore and for that, we thank you PBR. Even if we’re going to stick with our Deep Eddy Vodka Sweet Tea for the time being.