What a deal!

Now is your once in a lifetime opportunity to bid on a pair of Chris Christie’s old autographed gym shorts. Gross. The owner of the shorts is selling them because they’re upset with Christie’s recent support of Donald Trump. Which is a perfectly reasonable excuse to sell a perfectly reasonable thing to own. 

The shorts are a size 60, so you probably wont be able too wear them, as evidenced by the eBay listing that shows you need two hangers just to hold them up. Though the shorts could double as a great sleeping bag for children under the age of 12 or as an emergency blanket to keep in your car.

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that the former governor actually wore the shorts, though the seller believes he probably did. Why would Christie be giving away and autographing random unused pairs of gigantic gym shorts after all?

Luckily the shorts are made of cotton, so any potential Christie smells likely remain soaked into the fabric. Which is nice. It’s a good way to validate their authenticity at least. Do the shorts smell like pickled fish and mustard? Then Christie probably wore them.

The shorts are autographed with the message – “Stay in shape, best wishes Christie Gov. NJ." It’s unclear if this was an inspirational message to himself as he wore the shorts or the person he gave them too. Either way is equally weird.

The message is especially hilarious when written on a pair of size 60 shorts. “Stay in shape” at that lean size 60.

With two days left in the listing, the highest bid on the shorts is already over $200. Which is probably less than the cost of all that fabric needed to make those short anyways. What a deal.