And by parents, we mean mothers. The dads were like, "Yep. Yeah, no that's cool with us."

You just can't do Playboy during a misguided attempt at self discovery and go on to teach elementary school Spanish like you used to be able to. Those days are (*tear) gone with the wind.

But that didn't stop Texas Spanish teacher Cristy Nicole Deweese from trying, reports the Daily Mail. The former Playboy 'Coed of the Month' posed all sorts of naked for the magazine when she was 18. Now 21, she's apparently convinced herself that teaching teens how to say "Where is the bathroom?" in Spanish just the right amount of "good" she needs to balance out her sexy past. Talk about hottest teacher ever. There is no way her students are walking out of her class with anything less than the boner that defines their adolescence. Here's her pre-photo shoot interview so you can get an idea of what these kinds (and dads) are going through.

Anyway, parents were pissed when they found out that this babe of babes was teaching their kids how to order a burrito en Espanol. And of course by parents, we mean mothers. We're sure the dads were pretty down with it. Among her pictures are full-frontal naked shots, photos of her wearing 'winter bunny gear' and lingerie, a simulated lesbian sex scene and a 'Naked Outdoors' gallery. Mmm.

Though Nicole being hot certainly doesn't make her unfit to be a teacher, there are a lot of allegations flying around that her students won't be able to take her seriously anymore, and whether or not it's ethical to keep her on staff at the school. But several students have taken to the land of social media to defend her, saying sweet little student things like "She's a teacher now, not a Playboy model anymore." Sigh…she'll always be a Playboy model to us, though.