Do you consider yourself a person of impeccable 'awakeness'?

Do you consider yourself a person of impeccable 'awakeness'? Are you under the impression that everything is a governmentally driven trick and the shield of secrecy can no longer be tolerated? Are you an Anti-Sheeple?!

Because "Awake Social" is almost here to help bring truth and overall 'awokeness' to the rest of the world via a new social media platform.

Created by the team way over there at Awake Dating, the new site seeks to be the alternative to controlled environments the likes of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (who knowingly alters content to fit a chosen narrative). 

“Many of our members have told us that they are ‘totally disillusioned’ with social media, and have deleted their accounts elsewhere over the past few years,” Jarrod Fidden, creator of Awake Dating, tells the Daily Dot. “Facebook does not cater for the awake audience."

He goes on to say that other sites aren't as transparent as he and his parent company, Wide Awake Media (WAM), would like them to be. People do, after all, spend a ton of time willingly giving out personal information to god knows what on the other end to be used by lord knows who for personal gain. It's not a free-for-all site where anyone and everyone can just create a profile, however — there's a yearly fee and exclusive entry to the site through an application process.

“[Awake Social is] not a mass market ‘free’ social service where you will be followed by incessant ads, but a private members-only social network—available via a yearly subscription—that will be synced with our existing Awake Dating membership database,” continues Fidden.

Subscriptions also come with added protection from the media company.

“…We live in a dangerous world, where certain bodies believe they have a right to ‘unlock your info’ and you have no right to due process. This is a sign of sickness, but this is our world,” according to WAM's official site. “We, at WAM, will do what we can to ensure that when and IF the bodies come for your data, that this is PUBLIC, REVIEWED, AUDITED, ARGUED, DEBATED.”

The site's IndieGoGo campaign is still a far cry from its $317,350 goal, but something tells us there might actually be a market for this kind of a thing out there. We've seen crazier.

Stay awakeneder, sheeple!