Shitting without having to get up sounds nice, but you'll eventually have to deal with it … 

Generally speaking, we think people should be able to do whatever crazy shit they want, so long as they don't fuck with anyone else. We'd try to come up with some outlandish examples here, but the Internet has proven to be way, way crazier than we could ever imagine. 

Case in point: adult babies. Some people like to dress up like babies, slap a pacifier in their mouths and shit in their diapers. And since they're doing it in their home and not making anyone else do it, we figure they can go nuts. 

But in Mount Prospect, Illinois, a gentleman named Todd just opened a brick and mortar store called "Tykables." It sells adult diapers for medical needs, but also caters to ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lovers), those with "baby or sexual fetishes."

And (as per CBS) people are losing their shit over it, despite the fact that the doors are locked at the store and customers can only enter by appointment. White panels also cover the windows, for privacy.

Here's Todd now!

So he's living out his dream of helping others so they can let their freak flag fly … but won't someone please think of the children?