Come on Facebook, you're better than this.

Remember the last time you used the smiley-face emoji reaction in response to your friend’s Facebook post about nonsensical nothingness? Of course not. No one can. That’s because very few users are actually using the set of emoji reactions available to them claims a new study by social media analytics firm, Quintly.

The new emoji reactions, which launched in February, accounted for less than 3 percent of all user interactions on Facebook. The study, which was conducted over a period of two weeks, monitored over 130,000 Facebook posts, then tracked how people reacted to shitty life quotes and half-marathon training photos. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of users are old-souls opting to keep it real with the “like” button reaction which made up 76 percent of user interactions. Hard to believe? This chart should help.

But not all is lost for the image-centric Facebookers. It turns out, when people considered using an emoji reaction, the “love” emoji was the most popular option garnering 50 percent of interactions. “Anger” was understandably the next most popular followed by the remaining faces of sad, happy and fuck off — the latter of which we believe to still be in development.

Even with the rough start for the reactions, Facebook plans on rolling out another round of playful emojis in the coming year, one of which is a flower. Sure, because when we’re thinking how to react to our friends post, it would most likely be with a nice Tulip of appreciation.

Stick to what you do best Facebook: provide a means for people to stalk other people. Don’t let us down.