Crickey, this is great news!

Are your thoughts and dreams now looking towards having a passable summer-bod within the next few months, but still can't bear to watch your beloved junk food go without breaking down in a mess of malnourished tears? Because there's good news on the horizon for everyone, and it includes being able to shove your addicted face with just about anything you want while still watching the numbers on the scale go down. 

In a recent study covered by Men's Health, scientists from Portugal allowed for one of two groups to eat whatever they wanted on the weekends — while still maintaining an intake of 10,500 calories through the week, like the others. The group who was allowed to eat fat-snacks on the weekends lost just as much as the first control group, who weren't allowed to eat anything fun (suckers). 

The major difference? The group who was allowed to be alive and enjoy all of god's great creations like pizza and grease were more apt to want to continue dieting and working out. The results point toward a compensation effect of sorts, where the week of rigorous dieting and exercise wasn't overpowered by a window-less end. Having something to look forward to gave the group motivation to continue its regimen. 

By our own admission, however, none of this even matters if your diets contain nothing but Ramen and Blackjack for weeks while endlessly perusing Netflix for something else to watch.

Not … that … we … You see, we have this one friend …

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