There is such a thing as too much bacon. 

The Co-founder and face of YouTube’s iconic Epic Meal Time, Harley Morenstein, spread his bacon-wrapped-hamburger-wrapped-in-bacon wings and created a line of bizarre snack foods that includes Pizza In A Bag, Bacon In A Bottle, and instant biscuits flavored like Chicken and Waffles, and Cheesy Bacon.

Naturally, we were stoked to hear the news. Growing up, we loved watching Epic Meal Time. For those dummies who don’t know, it’s a cooking show where Morenstein and his buddies create the most insane, calorie-heavy, pork-wrapped meal creations and … well we watch them eat it. For example, a 1 million calorie lasagna, chicken wings deep fried 50 times, a 50lb Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme, a couch made of potatoes, 125lb Super Bowl Nachos, etc., etc.

The whole idea was to super-load the most indulgent foods making a monstrous creation that gave you the meat sweats just watching it. 

The new snack food brand created by Horenstein is called Super Snack Time and inspired by Epic Meal Time creations, “designed to revolutionize the snack aisle,” says a PR rep for the company. 

Pizza In A Bag sounds both disgusting and mouth-watering at the same time so we decided the only solution to understanding these Inception-level snacks was to try them.

photo - super snack time


Bacon In A Bottle (Original): As its name suggests, this all-purpose seasoning meant to go on anything from popcorn to ramen, salad, bagels, soup, and even pizza (Super Snack Time’s suggestion) comes in a spice-cabinet bottle and smells like bacon (sort of). The bottle looks like a novelty gag-gift you’d find during the holidays and the taste is similarly prank-ish. We tried the powder on its own and while there is a small but recognizable bacon flavor, I also hinted notes of plastic. My taste buds felt like they were being fooled in a not-so-convincing way. 

Conclusion: Sorry dog, that’s gonna be a no for me. 

Bacon In A Bottle (Cheesy): Colored bright orange, there’s no suggestion this seasoning is anything less fake than the powder cheese you mix into mac and cheese. But hey, I like that cheese. Once again, I tried the powder alone and enjoyed the wannabe-cheddar flavoring supplementing the semi-bacon. I can imagine on a bowl of steaming ramen, this powder might rise to the occasion and become a fully-functioning member of our kitchen. 

Conclusion: Try on ramen but go easy… there are 85 calories in only ¼ teaspoon. (About as much as a whole piece of bread.)

Pizza In A Bag (Supreme): Despite its name, I was surprised to learn that Pizza In A Bag (PIB) is actually pepperoni jerky in a pizza-shaped bag. The first flavor we tried was Supreme and upon tearing open the seal it smelled like pizza. We literally said, “ooh, weird!” The greasy pepperoni circles inside tasted insanely like marinara sauce. Our favorite of the PIBs, we couldn’t imagine eating more than 2 circles tops, since the flavor is so in-your-face and the grease level hits a 10. 

Conclusion: If you love jerky and pizza, you’ll love this. But get ready for a mind-f***. 

Pizza In A Bag (Pepperoni): The thin pepperoni circles were much darker and didn’t have an award-winning taste. After trying Supreme, the Pepperoni was a bland dud (and usually I love pepperoni!)

Conclusion: sorry, but no. 

Pizza In A Bag (Buffalo): Good buffalo aroma when opening the bag and a good smoky flavor that stays on your tongue. The aftertaste was potent enough that I didn’t feel the need to keep eating the pepperonis. 

Conclusion: A+ on buffalo flavor, but one and you’re done. 

Biscuits In A Box (Cheesy Bacon): It was super easy to make these biscuits. Pour the bag of mix into a bowl and add ½ cup water. Mix until together (will be thick). Grease a baking sheet and roll the mix into 8-10 balls and position on the sheet. Throw in the oven at 425 degrees for 10-13 minutes (we did 13 because they had taken shape and were golden brown on the top). After letting the biscuits cool for two minutes, dig in. The texture of the crispy outside was divine and the inside was fluffy, moist, and didn’t leave our mouths feeling dry. The smell was rich, warm bacon— the good fatty kind simmering in grease— and tasted like bacon too. So much bacon, in fact, that it made us question whether we really do love bacon… Obviously not as much as Morenstein. There’s no indication other than their orange color that cheese is in the mix. Overall, these biscuits are super simple to bake and taste good, but the bacon flavor is so strong that once again 2 biscuits is our max. 

Conclusion: Delightful. Would be ace as a breakfast sandwich with eggs. 

Biscuits In A Box (Chicken and Waffles): The smell dominating these biscuits (in powder and whole form) is 100% maple syrup. Like the other biscuits, they took shape nicely, had a perfect crunch on the outside and moist center, but the taste was confusing. With a smell much stronger than they taste, noshing on these biscuits bewildered my pallet. Chewing, I was waiting for that perfect marrying of chicken and waffles, but only after I swallowed was there a lingering aftertaste of chicken breast. 

photo - Chicken and waffles biscuits in a box - super snack time

Conclusion: Just eat chicken and waffles. 

I can see a group of guys having fun trying these bizarre snacks, or a mom making her teenage kid a breakfast sandwich with the biscuits. If you loved Epic Meal Time, you owe it to yourself to try them. Indeed, you may find that much like the creations on the show, you don’t have Morenstein’s iron stomach.

But it’s probably a good thing you don’t like bacon that much.