Our national anthem is outdated. Give America the updated, modern sound it deserves.

"Our national anthem is outdated and stale. Changing it to Darude – Sandstorm will ensure our country is elevated in the modern age. Let's make America great again."

That's what a recent, frankly lit Change.org petition says that wants to replace our county's current anthem with "Sandstorm." We couldn't agree more.

In a heartfelt letter to President Barack Obama — who is required to review the petition if it reaches 100,000 supporters — organizer Kyle Tucker pens the following argument as to why our country should make this progressive step forward:

"Change the USA national anthem to Darude – Sandstorm."

That's it? That's it. Sold.

Although really, if we're gonna do this, let's do it right. Let's aim for the 12 minute extended version, not that 2:30 club remix bullshit.

America, meet your new musical embodiment. Let's make this country rave again.