It's not even funny anymore, guys. And they're getting a tummy ache from eating all those gummy penises. 

You guys. Seriously, quit it. It's not hilarious. 

First, the meanies on the Internet started writing erotic fan fiction about the patriots in Orgeon. And while some of those were piss-your-pants funny, it wasn't nice. 

And all the while, the Y'all Quaeda were asking for donations to help them keep the cause alive — mostly food, snacks and clothes.

In fact, they updated their actual wish list, showing off exactly how unprepared they were for a stand-off like this:

I bet you don't see "thick, veiny rubber dicks" on that list anywhere, do ya? Exactly. And then some of you assholes decided to send sex toys.

“It’s really ridiculous. This one is really funny, it’s a bag of dicks,” John Ritzheimer said, angrily holding up plastic bag of penis candy.

Grown up, America. Stop sending these freedom fighters giant rubber cocks — send Cheetos and cigarettes instead so they can get back to fighting the man.