It’s a beautiful thing when people innovate with a product that’s remained relatively unchanged over the years. Not since Hexcup beer pong cups did the game of beer pong receive a face-lift of epic proportions. Now, the guys bringing us PongCaddie might have offered up another solution to one of our other despondent beer pong problems.

According to the Pong Caddie founders’ grammar inept company intro, they are expert pong players of the most iconic drinking game that felt something was missing. So they made Pong Caddie; a delightful adaptation to beer pong that solves the game’s most pressing questions: Tired of washing dirty balls? Air ball shots over the cups? Your buddy keeps leaning? Long wait to get into the game?

While we like what they’re putting down and are scrounging our office funds to purchase a set for company HR meetings, we hope they realize that ping pong balls bounce off the table in all direction. It doesn’t necessarily go straight off the back each time. That being said, anything that helps us move less and drink more is a win in our book. 

For the introductory Kickstarter price of $58 for a set of nets to protect our balls, it’s a win/win for anyone who frequents the beer pong table. And if it doesn’t work, well you can use them for scooping fish out of the water.