Conceal your day beer like the drinking veteran you are. 

Ever get that sickening feeling that people are judging you while drinking during the day? Neither have we. But now you have an option when it comes to concealing your crippling need for a beer during socially inappropriate times of the day. A kickstarter project from Lolo Lids provides everyone with the ultimate beer koozie. Using technology conjured up by day-drinking researchers, the Lolo Lid allows the comfort and understanding that beer can flow under the auspices of a to-go cup of coffee. 

Lolo lids looks like your average coffee cup lid from the top, but the bottom is where the magic happens. A snap fitting holds your beer in by the upper rim suspending it in the cup. Sliding the suspended beer into any standard coffee cup creates an air insulated super koozie that disguises your drink and keeps it ice cold. Lolo lids are ergonomically designed to fit your lips and nose to ensure the nicest drinking experience. Additionally, the secondary breather tube allows consistent even flow.

This small red tube pictured above is a huge part of the Lolo experience. By allowing the can to breathe your drink flows out smoothly.  This stops the beer from foaming up and feels more like drinking from a glass than a can or coffee cup.  The tube is also on an opposing angle from the spout insuring that it stays full of air not beer.  The two recessions on the top of the lid accommodate your lips and nose because unlike a can your face isn't flat. Snap fittings on the bottom keep your beer in place while you're on the move no matter what you're up to.

You could always resort to the old, wine in the coke can method. But what about the red teeth problem? 

The company has already raised a whopping $31,000 of the $15,000 goal. Meaning it's either a really, really, really great product, or a ton more people than we originally thought have drinking problems.