August 27, 2016 is about to be a date you'll never forget …

If you made it to last year’s Hill Block Party — co-hosted by Rooster Magazine and Boulder Vapor House — you know it’s a day for the diary. This round, we’ve upped the ante by bringing in more vendors, more artists, more venues and more experiences to show the newcomers in town just how Colorado gets down. Get familiar with the incredible acts we’ve booked by checking out the Hill Block Party special edition playlist.

What's more, we've recently added Dabin (late night set), D'Joya and Calling of the Crows to assist in the mayhem. It's all going down Saturday, August 27, 2016 @ The Hill in Boulder, CO.

Full Tracklist:

1. – “All My Girls Get Down (E.DOZA X FERGIE)”
2. – “Rub Me The Right Way (J-Louis x PYRMDPLAZA vs. Christina Aguilera)”
3. Povi – “Tiny Bombs”
4. Povi – “Park Hill (feat. ILoveMakonnen)”
5. Povi – “School Girl Crush”
6. Evanoff – “Revel”
7. Evanoff – “Transcendance”
8. Evanoff – “Breathe Out”
9. Reason the Citizen – “Airplane Mode”
10. Reason the Citizen – “Among Sharks”
11. Reason the Citizen – “Broken Bones”
12. Late Night Radio – “Time Flies”
13. Late Night Radio – “Down The Hole (feat. Kevin Donohue)”
14. Late Night Radio – “Gone Again
15. Late Night Radio – “Repeat (feat. Clark Smith)”