Robbie Arnett is in the band Milo Greene — coming to Denver and the Bluebird Theatre this Friday, Feb 27 — and loves himself a fresh haircut. He also gave us a playlist to groove to before the show.

Robbie Arnett is in the band Milo Greene and he loves himself a fresh haircut. He’s also coming — along with his bandmates and crew in tow — to the Bluebird Theatre this Friday, Feb 27, to perform their catchy blend of cinematic pop rock for fans. The new album “Control” — released less than a month ago — is already making an impact on the band’s success and has been hailed by respectable and attractive writers (namely us) as an album “we can see making its way into a number of films or television spots.” We enjoyed it, and know our readers will too …

Before the band stops in Colorado, Arnett gave us a few words to impress our parents with and built a playlist for fans of Milo Greene to jam to before the show.

– The new album is here and there's nothing any one of you can do about it! How does that feel to finally be done with a project and be in a "no turning back" point of the process?
It's both exciting and unnerving. It’s the moment when you let someone in on a two or three year secret. Hopefully this "secret" makes friends though.

– Are there any tracks on "Control" that are your favorites to either perform or listen to?
Control is based in groove and percussion, so it's all good to move to. We primarily started with the drums so it would keep us alive on tour. I really love ‘Gramercy’ and ‘Lonely Eyes.’
– What kind of things can Denver expect out of your show here in February?
Denver can expect new songs (obvi) and a production. This will be the first time we bring out a guy just focused on production. It's exciting. There will be a lot of haze. We'll also have really fresh haircuts. Gotta have a strong look for Denver, always!

– Are you excited to come to CO? What are some nice things people from other states say about us? We know everyone talks about us …
Denver is by far one of my favorite stops in the US. Not only do I have a lot of family living there (shout out McNitts and Jules), but the people are always so welcoming and warm. Mile HIGHHHHHHHHH city, that’s what errrrrrrryone says about Denver.

– The "cinematic pop" label really interested us and was what probably won over our hearts. What does that label mean to you all?
I’ve always been inspired by films. I'm a bit of a geek, watching a movie or a series almost every night. When writing I try to create shapes and landscapes, and that’s something cinema has always been able to do.

– If you could go back in time and create the score for any movies, what would they be and why?
“The Kid,” and pair it with some gritty East Coast early 90's production. Charlie Chaplin meets Mobb Deep. I think that would get heads rolling.

– What does the future hold for Milo Greene?
Hopefully a lot of touring. Keep playing us in Denver so we always have a reason to come back. Looking forward to the Bluebird!