Before the Dirtybird BBQ gets to town we asked featured performer Mark Starr to build us a party list.

We've got the Dirtybird BBQ coming to Denver in a few weeks, which couldn't be any more fitting because by then we're probably going to be really hungry and in need of some musical flavor to top all musical flavors. Smack in front of the Sports Authority Field @ Mile High, the event promises to bring the volume up to substantial party levels — and features special guest Too $hort. Win! 

Before the troupe gets to town, we asked Mark Starr, one of the featured acts, a few questions beforehand, and also got him to build us a list to pregame to before the event. We'll have more artists from the roster up until showtime, so keep checking back with us like it's your Facebook feed and you just can't get away from it no matter what you do.

Why should Denver show up to the Dirtybird BBQ?

"I already know Denver is going to show up because we got it all covered! Beats, Burgers, and a lot of serious bass!"

What makes the Dirtybird BBQ better than any other event?

"The Dirtybird BBQs are the jam because they have the best grillmaster, the best beats, and the best fans. Grillson absolutely kills it and busts his butt on that grill like a madman. The food is always top notch and I look forward to a Grillson burger every year! I have to also say that the Void Audio sound system at this event is going to be unbelievable. Void’s systems sound so crystal clear but have so much depth and punch to them; its truly indescribable. You have to hear it to believe just how good it is. The fans are what really make this show awesome though. Everyone is there for good music, good food, and a good time;  and that’s what dirtybird is about!"

What do people need to bring to the Dirtybird BBQ to maximize the experience?

"I don’t think you need to bring anything to maximize your experience other than maybe your friends! Enjoying perfect BBQ and bass a mile high with your best buds sounds like the best summer day you could ask for."