We're down to the last week before So-Gnar's Shredded Beats, which is coincidentally the perfect time to start pregaming …

Turner Jackson is on one right now and has been on one for over a minute, too. This dude runs the city, and makes some of the most memorable, danceable, hyped-up music this side of the Coors Brewery (name-drop-pay-us). He'll be at So-Gnar's Shredded Beats Fest next weekend with a ton of others and — more importantly — us (look for our stage at Lost Lake). Before the Bluebird District turns up, however, we ask Jackson to give us a playlist to start the party early, and also catch up with him about what he's getting into right meow. 

How long have you been working on "Turner Jackson's Red Plastic Cup”?

“I started working on the album portion of ‘Turner Jackson’s Red Plastic Cup‘ last summer, maybe around June or July of 2014. We finished most of it by September 2014, and then made changes afterwards. I began to put the band together soon after in November or so.”

Where did the idea for the project come from?

“The idea from the project was inspired by this girl that I was interested in last summer. It came from hanging out at a pool party and went from there. You know, coming of age movie kind of stuff.”

And you'll be performing songs from the project at Shredded Beats?

“Yes, all the songs that we’ll be playing at Shredded Beats are with the band. It is all new, all original music. A much different Turner Jackson than the people are used to.”

How has your live performance changed now that you'll be performing "Turner Jackson's Red Plastic Cup”?

“My live performance has become more high energy. I'm playing with a band now. I have Andy Nicolai on guitar, Kyle Williams on Bass, Sean Conlin on Drums and Emma Walligford & Christina Lundell on back up vocals. They are all amazing and we kick ass together. It’s high flying, death defying and fun!!! Very, very fun!”

When can we expect to see some of the project on the web?

“I’ll be releasing my first single from the project in early July, with a video to follow shortly after. The single is called "Red Plastic Cup." If you like to dance, you're gonna love this one.”

Is this your best music yet?

“Yes, this is my best music to date. It's the kind of stuff that makes you feel pretty. I don't know about you but I love to wake up in the morning and just feel amazing. I like to dance. I like to smile and I like to like things. This new sound makes me do all of it. I hope the people dig it. Basically it's the best stuff I've done so far, but I've got a million more songs in me!“