This edition of Pregame Playlist lets the camp over at So-Gnar grab a collection of artists performing at its Shredded Beats festival. 

There are a few little known character traits about us that everyone may not be aware of right at this moment. We like music. We like art. And we heck-sure like to party. Not in that weird “combine-some-Walmart-chemicals-dry-it-out-and-smoke-it-after-sleeping-with-a-sister” kind of party either. No, we mean like aligning ourselves with the best talent Colorado has to offer and making sure everyone attending our events have the best. time. evar.

Which is why we’ve teamed up with So-Gnar (a company name need not be introduced) for its Shredded Beats Street Festival. The two-day affair will stretch over the days of June 26 and 27 — and are stacked with some of the best hip-hop and electronic talent the team could find. Aside from this, walls are going to be blasted by the finest mural artists and live art demonstrations will be taking place throughout the weekend.

So for this edition of Pregame Playlist, the camp over at So-Gnar amassed a collection of songs from some of the artists performing at the festival. Keep in tune for more down the road, and be sure to visit for up-to-date info, tickets, fun, eye-goodies … pretty much whatever.


What: So-Gnar Shredded Beats Street Festival
Who: Late Night Radio, Sam Lachow, GoldLink, Krooked Drivers, The ReMINDers, Sean Anonymous etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.
When: June 26 & 27, 2015 
Where: The Bluebird Theater, Lost Lake, Goosetown Tavern, Park House and Southside Bar Kitchen
Add'tl Deets: Tickets are only $40 for a two-day pass — Single day passes available BUY HERE // RSVP HERE