Before Annie Mac gets to town for her Friday night gig, we asked her to give us some of her favorite tracks for a responsibly hyped pregame playlist.

Often revered as one of the hardest working humans in the electronic (or any) sphere, Annie Mac loads her buffet style plate with extra helpings of everything and somehow still maintains a bit of sanity through it all. A popular host on various shows featured on BBC’s Radio 1, Mac is also regularly seen on television and webcasts tossing around her valued opinions and expertise on the DJ culture, all while maintaining a healthy tour schedule amongst it all.

And in February of this year things got even more interesting for Mac. It was announced longtime radio peer Zane Lowe had been cherry picked by Apple to head its ultra-secretive music department, thereby leaving the gap wide open for Mac to fil in as Radio 1’s evening host — an insanely popular and wildly influential spot in Europe’s (and the world's) dance culture.

She’ll be in Denver this Friday, Apr 17 at Bar Standard, but before she gets here we asked a few short questions for a few short answers. She also gave us some favorite tracks she’s bumping at the moment to give fans a chance to pregame appropriately before coming to town.

What are some key elements to being a successful radio host?
Mmm … there’s so many different answers to this because it depends on what kind of a host you are, but when it comes to being a radio DJ who plays and champions new music, then it’s about sincerity, honesty and warmth.

Has there been anything truly embarrassing happen to you while performing in front of a crowd?
There was a gig where there was a huge rainstorm half way through … it was a main stage festival gig and I lost half the crowd who ran for cover into the tents. I was also wearing a very loose dress, which kept blowing up in the wind and revealing my bum to all the people standing behind me on the stage. My tour manager had to gaffe tape it to my thighs while I was DJing … was very hard to keep a straight face!

Name three things you can’t leave the house without:
My phone. My keys. My wallet.

If you could pick your own nickname what would it be and why?
My sister calls me ‘Nee’ — it’s the only abbreviation of my name that I like. For some reason I can’t stand Ann … so ‘nee’ or ‘neeser’ is fine by me!

What can we expect out of the future of Annie Mac?
Well I’ll be on the radio a lot more with my new job … l’m very much looking forward to getting stuck into those shows. Also I’ll be doing my festival AMP Lost And Found again next year and I’ll be doing a lot of festivals this summer.