Derek "Pretty Lights" Smith is on another one right now and is gifting our state the chance to pick up some of his limited clothing line designed exclusively for fans of Colorado.

Do you love Colorado? Do you love Colorado music? What would you do if one of your favorite Colorado artists collaborated with one of the biggest media outlets in the world and designed up a rare clothing line with you, a Coloradan, in mind?

Because it’s real, can you feel it? That odd sense of elation and ease pulsating throughout your body right now? It’s all thanks to Derek “Pretty Lights” Smith, who is on another one right now. He’s creatively gifting our state the opportunity to get its hands on some of the cleanest, most state-centric gear anyone can find.

Existing in a seemingly overcrowded electronic music landscape, Pretty Lights has continued to distinguish himself from your prototypical "EDM DJ." Pretty Lights is now taking his genre defying aesthetic and remixing the visuals for the state that helped raise him: Colorado. The Pretty Lights x Colorado set is a seven piece capsule collection of gear that pays homage to the Rocky Mountain lifestyle, all with Pretty Lights’ signature "retro-future" mash-up flavor. Only available through Virgin Mega, the Pretty Lights x Colorado collection will make sure you’re always the freshest around the block.

The line itself is special, not only because it’s designed and reimagined by the pride of Colorado himself, but also because it’s so limited and in demand, a specialized app was built just for the occasion. It’s called Virgin Mega and it’s the only place to procure your couple-of-a-kind selection of the line.

You can download the iOS version on the Apple App store HERE or the Android version on the Google Play store HERE to get in line for the first drop. The first pieces of the gear will go on sale Thursday, Jan 22 at 2pm EST/12pm MST on Virgin Mega (with additional drops following on Monday 1/26 and Wednesday, 1/28). Follow @virginmegausa on Twitter and Instagram to find out more details. The official hashtag for the line is #AnalogAesthetic — so check it, check it out and get your design game tight for the coming year.