Going back in time never felt so good. 

Created around the novel idea of printing pictures, the Prynt Polaroid Camera Case brings your beautiful breakfast food shots that are normally reserved for bombarding your instagram friends to life with a tangible, frameable copy of your artwork. Luckily for you, the project was funded on kickstarter, generating $1,576,011 of the $50,000 the company originally asked for. In other words, they killed it. 

How it works is simple: you snap the lightweight case to your smartphone (works on both iPhone and Android), snap that epic selfie in the bathroom mirror, and valla! Let that bad boy print out like the good old days of the 90s. There will be some backlash from the youngins who have never seen a printed photo but once they realize life beyond digital, it won't be long before sales of this product erupt. Pricing for the digital dark room starts at $129. Not bad considering other polaroid style cameras run in the multiple hundreds. Photo paper is not included so you'll have to purchase that depending on how artistic or intoxiacted you'll be when shooting multiple photos. Overall, this is a step in a different direction from the monotonous digital landscape where we normally see photos these days. [PURCHASE]