39 / M / Boulder, Colo.

It’s a long story, but in a nutshell… I was born in Montreal, Quebec, then raised in several towns around the San Francisco Bay Area. When I was 12, our family moved to the north shore of Lake Tahoe. I bounced around for a while after that, and ended up in Boulder almost 15 years ago … I definitely consider this my hometown now.

Favorite Snack?
Peanut butter pretzel nuggets.

What mediums do you prefer to work in?
I love drawing and Photoshop … and lasers. The technique I’ve been developing for the past decade is really a fusion of old-school doodling and new-school technology. I really love the human element … the organic simplicity of drawing with pencil on paper, but I also appreciate the endless possibilities of working digitally.

Any advice to everyone out there on how to heal cramped hands?
I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask this question! I often work for long sessions and get super sore and drained from leaning over the desk and tablet for so long. I try to get up and take breaks, stretch, eat … but sometimes I’ll just get so focused and involved in a piece that I lose track of time and work until I can’t see straight anymore.

You’re a big music guy too; who are you listening to now and who do you listen to often?
I’ve gone through different phases in my life listening to just about everything, but lately I’ve been on a visionary-electronica-ish kick … stuff like Desert Dwellers, Tipper, Ott, Sola Rosa, Emancipator, Frameworks, Plantrae, Kalya Scintilla, Bluetech …

Do you think Stranger Things season 3 and 4 will be any good?
Don’t have a ton of time for Netflix lately, I’m only a few episodes into season 2 right now, but so far I dig it! They have done an amazing job capturing that time period. Totally reminds me of my childhood.

Best advice given to you?
Eliminate self-doubt. Doubting yourself is really the only thing that can truly dissolve inspiration.  No matter what obstacles come between you and your goals, if you believe in what you’re doing, then everything will fall into place.


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Worst advice given to you?
I honestly can’t seem to remember any significantly bad advice given to me. I’m sure it’s happened, but whenever I hear something that I feel doesn’t align with my vision, I just move on.  

Any artists out there now that really capture your attention?
I’ve always loved Jeremy Fish, Greg Simkins, Jeff Wood, Mars-1, Carey Thompson, but there are so many amazing artists creating such awesome stuff right now it’s mind boggling!

Shameless plug(s):
It is an absolute honor to have the new gallery and studio up and running on Pearl Street [Boulder, Colo.] … after more than 10 years and hundreds of shows and festivals, I am excited to give the work a permanent home. Please come see us soon!

Web: PhilLewisArt.com
Instagram: @PhilLewisArt


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WE ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN . 2034 Pearl St. Boulder, CO Wednesday-Sunday 11am-7pm . #phillewisart #phillewis #art #studio #gallery #open #boulder #colorado #contemporaryart #psychedelicart #visionaryart #fun #love

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