Experts reside everywhere …

Experts reside everywhere.

1. On what historical road is Casa Bonita located?
A. Colfax Ave.
B. I-70
C. Rocky
D. Colorado Blvd.

2. Name the 3 waterslides at the old Celebrity Sports Center:
A. Small, Medium, Large
B. Dolphin, Whale, Shark
C. Sea Urchin, Galapagos, Barometer
D. Robert, Downey, Junior

3. During the blizzard of 2003, what popular dance club collapsed due to the weight of the snow?
A. The Church
B. Chuck E. Cheese’s
C. Beta
D. Vinyl

4. In 1993, 4 people were mass murdered at:
A. Columbine High School
B. Red Rocks Amphitheatre
C. An American Idol audition
D. Chuck E. Cheese’s

5. True/False: Greeley smells like crap most of the time.

6. The Tivoli Student Union building on Auraria Campus began as a what:
A. Whore House
B. Mashed Potato
C. Brewery
D. Missile Silo

7. True/False: The Fillmore Auditorium used to be an ice rink?

8. “That John Denver is full of _____, man.”
A. Shit
B. Crap
C. Truth
D. Eggshells

9. Red Rocks Amphitheatre is owned and operated by:
A. Bassnectar
B. Some old, rich white dude
C. The city of Morrison
D. City and County of Denver

1-3 Correct:
Don' fret, you just moved here, there's still plenty of time to shove useless knowledge into that foreign dome of yours. 

4-6 Correct:
Mediocre. Not bad, but certainly not good. You'll get better …

7-9 Correct:
Well shit son, you've probably got Arvada blood running through those Rocky Mountain veins of yours and don't even know it. Saddle up, you're a card carrying resident now. 

Answers: 1. A, 2. B, 3. D, 4. D, 5. True, 6. C, 7. True, 8. A, 9. D