God, people are stupid. 

It's the one downside to the Internet — anyone with fingers can jump on and make the stupidest claims you've ever heard. 

To start, watch this freakin' awesome new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie:

Now take a quick inventory of your emotions. Is racial hatred in there? We didn't think so. But some human garbage cans on the Internet interpret John Boyega's presence in the film as "white genocide." They tried to make #BoycottStarWarsVII happen, but it's mostly being used by people mocking them. 

A single black guy being featured is just too much to bear, despite the fact that writers, directors, and most of the senior creative staff for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” are white dudes. And by some estimates, at least 85 percent of the producers, directors, show runners, executives, writers, and other leading creative positions in the film industry are held by white men.

Thankfully, that Hatorade didn't put out the fiery passion of the movie's fans, as ticket presales for the film shattered previous records, selling eight times more than the previous high-water mark. Damn, people really want to watch that Wookie.