We’ve got the study to prove it.

Have you ever felt awkwardly guilty about cursing bible pushers? These do-gooders are often extremely annoying, and what’s worse, is they start early. Real early. Like, almost out-of-the-womb early. Kids of Christ tend to be extremely pushy, always try to be right and usually judge a classmate on taking more than one juice box — all because they have the big guy on their side.

Kids who are raised by parents that believe in a higher power gives them an air of authority, and leaves nondenominational children a feeling of loathing enmity. This higher sense of power these so-called holy children think they are entitled to can be dangerous, resulting in things like major bullying, hair pulling and giving others a couple bible smacks to the head.

Now, thanks to a new study, this cultural more has scientific credibility. 

According to The Daily Beast, over 1,100 children, aged 5 to 12, from the United States, China, Canada, Jordan, Turkey, and South Africa, were chosen to participate in the study that would see just which type of religion made children act more moral. The study is a strategy researchers call the “dictator game” — which is a perfect title for the attitude of some of these snot-nosed brats.

Children were told they could pick 10 out of 30 stickers, but had to share the remainder of the stickers with their peers. The study found that Christian and Muslim children were less generous than kids of a nondenominational religion.

So what makes kids of religious background douchier than kids of a sensible, reasonable nature?

According to the study, Christian children have what’s called "moral licensing." Moral licensing is a mental glitch that occurs when people feel their self-image and confidence is at an all time high, which allows them to act out immoral behavior without fearing the consequences. Simply put, if a kid thinks he’s righteous in the eyes of God, in his mind, its okay to be stingy with his stickers.  

The Daily Beast explains the most interesting fact about the study:

“What this study makes strikingly clear is that religion and morality are not one and the same. In fact, in some instances those who don’t believe in god might actually behave more altruistically. And since they wouldn’t be doing it out of a fear of being punished, but instead out of what some might call 'the goodness of their hearts,' one could argue that they in fact have higher moral standards.”

So if you believe ardent bible thumpers are assholes — which they are — the world now has the credibility to tell them so through factual evidence.