Help Colorado Independent Music Videos Not go Bankrupt  – #saveourstages

Colorado’s music scene is one of the best in the country. Right now, the same venues you frequented many times before to see your favorite bands for some of the most memorable nights are on the brink of going out of business. Seriously. Small, independent venues have lost 90% of their revenue since COVID hit and can’t qualify for PPP or other loan programs. Tell congress to provide stimulus for these small venues by going to and adding your name to a letter. The letter is already written and just needs your name. It takes 30 seconds. If independent venues don’t get funding, most of them will cease to exist well into 2021 and then guess what? You have to listen to your roommate’s new Soundcloud mix, over and over and over again.

Raft the Open Rivers

Socially distance while getting vitamin D! Kill tw birds with one stone as you stand on the bow of your raft, glistening in the cold spray of the rapids as you repeat to yourself, "I'm king of the world…" Dreams really do come true and while most metropolitain waterways are closed to recreational activities, the Yampa, Colorado, Eagle and Arkansas Rivers are open for business.

Buy a star

Although this may sound like a Rooster scheme to fund our employee drinking program, this is an actual service offered by a variety of companies. For the low price of $35-$80 you can purchase a delux star kit, a supernova star kit or a twin star kit featuring a picture of your star, a sky map to locate your star and a certificate of authenticity. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but a star is … much cheaper.

Leave a 40% Tip 

Next time someone in the service industry does an exceptional job, leave them a bigger tip than normal. During these hard times, everyone could use a nice surprise. Whether you do it for them or for yourself, one act of kindness really does brighten the day for so many. And yes, those salty wet things by your eyes are tears.

Go Wine Tasting in Colorado

Did you know Colorado had over 140 wine producers? Neither did we. Did you know Denver lays claim to the cheeseburger? Neither did we. But we digress. Pick your partner, pick a region and pick a mode of transportation because it’s time to lift your pinky finger, ramble off inane descriptors and tickle your palate with a few Colorado wines. Office lush tip: Start with the Palisade vineyards.

See “Distant Dreams” Art Exhibit

Tired of staring at your empty walls flush with memories of hugging and non-social distancing? Provide yourself reprieve with a viewing of artwork by local Patrick Maxcy. He’s a painter, muralist, and humanitarian highlighting nature in the stories he tells in order to inspire and bring awareness to the world’s most pressing needs. And the art is pretty cool.

Disney Villain Art Show – August 8th; Bellwether Club

You’ve watched every Disney moving since being in quarantine, why not immerse yourself in the world of Disney art, villain style. The art show will feature local and national artists with work available for purchase. Come on, get out of the house. How many more episodes of the Floor is Lava can you really watch?

Mile High Summer Series – Every Thursday and Friday night; Mile High Station

Believe it or not there’s something actually happening where you’ll see other human-like individuals interacting like the good old times of yore. Every Thursday and Friday, from 6-10pm, there will be live music, food trucks and drinks to satisfy your craving for socialization. Reservations are a must and there will be plenty of social distancing guidelines in place. And if you want more social distancing. Don’t go.

Take a Balloon Ride

Social distance to the max by jumping into a hot air balloon and seeing the world from a different perspective. There are plenty of companies offering morning trips around the Colorado landscape. Summer specials make the rides slightly more affordable but with your luck, the balloon will sail away to a new planet where the civilization and social unrest doesn’t appear to be on the brink of collapsing.

Watch Mike Tyson fight a shark – August 9

If there was ever an example of beating a dead horse, Shark Week would be that example. But like every year, just when we thought we could pull away, they pulled us back in like a young girl at a Bassnectar show. This year Mike Tyson will box a shark underwater. Yes, this is where entertainment has ended up. And yes, we will watch like the gregarious laymen we are. We know it will be as bad as Michael Phelps racing a shark, but Mike Tyson doing anything is always good entertainment.

Learn to Pitch ideas like a pro – August 17th

Have an idea for a start-up or product? Want to finally get investing for the hangover spa concept you’ve been imagining? Now is your chance to attend a virtual pitch bootcamp free of charge. IN just three hours, this bootcamp will help you improve your pitching skills and recruit potential co-founders. For more information, check out Berlin Pitch Bootcamp on