Where's Jason Statham when you need him? Leave it to the French to let their most notorious robber escape from jail. It turns out, we were wrong, and every Transporter movie has been right: all European super-criminals look exactly like Lex Luther. Convicted armed robber, Redoine Faid (what a great gangster name) is being hunted by police in northern France after staging a dramatic escape from prison.

Via Bangkok Post: Faid, who was serving time for past robberies and who risked a heavy sentence over the 2010 death of a policewoman, used explosives to blast his way out of the Sequedin penitentiary just 15 kilometres (10 miles) from the Belgian border. Armed with a pistol, he briefly took four guards hostage for his escape. All the hostages were released unharmed. The first getaway car was found burnt along the highway, where Faid is believed to have switched to a second vehicle.

Did we mention this guy wrote two books on his rise as a criminal in Paris's underworld, and one of his armored car heists inspired the movie "Heat"? French authorities insist that the escape was no fault of their own, but this just seems like another case where the French need us to take their cookies out of the oven. Did we just hear someone call Dog the Bounty Hunter?